Melissa + Mike | 5.27.2018 | Keepsake Wedding Film

❤️☀️“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.” -Leo Tolstoy☀️❤️

It was impossible to deny Melissa's radiance on her wedding day. It was a radiance that left her husband-to-be, Mike, speechless as she walked down the aisle, a brilliance that could surpass even that of the sun. (Those who remember the heat at this couple's ceremony will know what a feat that truly was.) Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Woolsoncroft! May your love continue to shine as brightly as it did on your wedding day.

Venue: Heidel House Resort & Spa
Photography: Ken Cravillion Photography - Oshkosh Wedding Photographer

Amy + Justin | 9.16.2017 | Keepsake Wedding Film

If ever two people were destined to be together from the start of all things, that couple would be Amy and Justin. You see it in the way they make each other laugh, the way they hang on each other's words. They are the kind of human beings whose souls were woven from a special fibre, who project a most contagious sense of kindness and sincerity toward anyone who has the pleasure of meeting them. Most importantly -- as evidenced in their wedding film -- they love with a love that is true, and bold, and endless.

We at Neverfilms can't think of any better reasons to say "I do" than those.

📸 by: Amy Orvis Photography
Venue: Wild Rose Ranch of Baraboo WI

Lindsey + Steve | 6.4.2016 | Keepsake Wedding Film

"I realized recently that the same thing that draws me to rivers is the same thing that draws me to you. The first thing is beauty: Rivers don't try to be beautiful. They just are." These moving vows by the groom set the stage for a gorgeous summer wedding between Steve and Lindsey in June of 2016. Amidst the tranquil country backdrop of Sugarland in Arena, WI, this incredible couple declared their lasting love for each other in the company of those closest to their hearts. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Stokes! Thank you for making #NeverfilmsLLC a part of your unforgettable wedding day.

📸 by

Sarah + Frank | 8.4.2015 | Heirloom Wedding Film

Franklin & Sarah enjoyed a week's stay at the breathtakingly beautiful Dreams Riviera Cancun Spa & Resort. Neverfilms LLC was honored to accompany the wedding couple on this amazing journey to sunny Mexico. The week unfolded like something out of a fairy tale. There was an abundance of gorgeous weather up until the big day, when suddenly an ominous storm rolled in just hours before showtime. Then, in an instant, the clouds parted, the sun shone bright, the ocean calmed, and Franklin and Sarah declared their love for each other in a tranquil, picture-perfect ceremony. And who could forget that magical double rainbow! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Forseth! #NeverfilmsLLC #DreamsRivieraCancun